How to easily Do SEO in Bing Search Engine

How to easily Do SEO in Bing Search Engine

How to do SEO in Bing search engine is as important as doing it for Google because there are users that use this search engine and it is the default search engine of Skype, Facebook, and other sites. Your SEO strategy should focus on appearing in the first places of the most used search engines, although you think it is enough with Google, it is not. Don’t miss our SEO Optimization Guide For Beginners And Entrepreneurs that will be of luxury. Throughout this guide, you can improve your visibility and position in search engines. Although many believe that the SEO techniques you apply to the position in Google are enough to appear in Bing, this search engine also has its own guidelines, and how to interpret the data is different even if it looks identical.

How to do SEO in Bing and not die in the attempt

Google indeed overcomes Bing over a long distance, but the latter has been advancing in recent years and who knows, maybe even today could achieve a considerable increase in terms of searches.

Factors to take into account to do SEO in bing

1. The content

For Bing, content is the first thing to consider and there are several factors to determine the quality of it, including authority, usefulness, presentation, and content structure. a) The authority is based on three things:

  • The number of links that direct to your sites.
  • How is the page confirmed?
  • Social networks.

b) The presentation:

  • Easily accessible content, with an understandable language for all users.
  • Moderate advertising, should not interfere with the user experience.

c) The usefulness of the content:

  • Links and citations related to your content are valued.
  • The writing should be super useful and with as many details.
  • You earn extra points with the inclusion of material such as images, graphics, videos, among others.
  • Finally and more than obvious, the content must be original and unique.

d) Structure of the content: To be able to SEO in bing and achieve positioning in the search engine, the content must have a structure similar to Google’s:

  • Use headers H1, H2, H3, and in rare cases H4. You can only use one h1 on each page.
  • It must be hierarchical, placing the most relevant content at the beginning, or if there are several factors the headers should be used correctly.
  • The images must have included the alt tag in which specific widths or descriptive information are added.
  • Set a percentage of correct keywords and then use variations and synonyms of the keyword.
  • In the long term, the positioning in Bing may depend on social interaction. Always place buttons on social networks to share the content and invite readers to use them as a sign of support.

2. Social networks

Both Google and Bing deny any relationship between social networks and their searches, but really takes into account the social activity in these search engines, especially in Bing. So you have to add the corresponding buttons and well, you can give a little push with false interactions when you start to position in Bing.

3. Participation of Internet users and CTR

Bing takes much more into account the participation of users than Google. If your audience clicks on the results page of the browser and stays on the page, it is a good sign to raise positions. You must work to maximize the descriptions and titles because if you have a good CTR in the search you will be rewarded.

4. Other factors to take into account when doing Seo in Bing

  • Backlinks are not very useful for Bing if you want to raise positions.
  • If you have a registered domain for more time and with the exact keyword, it will be much easier to position in bing. Example:
  • Bing is a little behind in recognizing synonyms, so it is recommended that the anchor text be much more specific.

Technical factors to position in Bing

  • Load time: the faster the page load the positioning will be much better since Bing takes this factor into account. Of course, the user experience cannot be neglected.
  • Robots.txt: you must have this file to block content that you do not want the robots of the search engines to access, for example, if a page has only one editor, block that page so that duplicate content is not generated.
  • Redirection: the use of redirects 301 is recommended in case of moving content. If you change the URL you can use redirect 301 and not use the tag ‘rel = canonical’.
  • Indexing: you only have to send Bing your site to be indexed in a couple of days, this will be detailed later with the tools for SEO in Bing.
  • Domain: the oldest domains and the extensions ‘.org, .edu’ are more valuable. Remember that if your domain has the keyword to position, it will be much easier to achieve results.

Factors to take into account for mobile SEO in Bing

Bing takes into account several factors to determine if a page is suitable for mobile and place it in your results:

  • It must have a design adapted to any screen.
  • The content must be compatible, readable, and must work correctly (without flash and that kind of stuff).
  • Use friendly addresses

Correct structure of the site according to Bing

  • Links: there must be a good organization and distribution of internal and external links. – Internal links: the links must contain specific keywords most of the time and the links must be related to the content so that users can navigate among the content that is related. – External links: you should bear in mind that the number of addresses that direct to other sites should be low and only link to trusted sites. – Incoming links: for SEO in Bing, the links that point to your site are not of great importance for positioning, but obviously, help to gain reputation because it increases your popularity and confidence. This search engine likes that the links are developed over time, that they are as natural as possible since it penalizes the purchased, spam, and low-quality links.
  • Site navigation: the navigation structure should be easy to trace, clean and you should organize a hierarchy with the use of breadcrumbs, for example.
  • Clean addresses: URLs should be clean, without sessions, follow-ups, and things of this type.
  • Sitemaps in both formats: add a sitemap .html and .xml, and always keep updated.
  • Keywords: – Use your keywords in the headings, titles, and meta descriptions to gain a reputation. – Do not use excessive keywords as it can be harmful to your positioning in Bing since the search engine usually penalizes filler keywords. – Bing takes into account simple keywords because its algorithm is not as advanced as Google’s.
  • Description and titles – The description must be different for each page, that has sense and coherence, a maximum of 160 characters and it is advisable to add the keyword to position in it. – The titles must be unique, at most 65 characters, and must have flexibility.

SEO tools in bing for webmasters

Bing Webmasters tools

The tool is provided by Bing so that webmasters can add their site, send sitemaps, and other utilities. It is similar to Google’s, if you know it then it will not be so complicated to understand.

Bing Seo Analyzer and SEO Reports

The first is used to perform SEO analysis of your web pages and the second to see the progress they have made with your sites in the Bing search engine. That’s it, I hope you liked the article and share it on your social networks!?

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